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Craig Tate

Born in Texas, raised in Texas

Lives & works in Texas


Craig Tate, aka: Tech-Daddy, has been an avid computer enthusiast for over 20 years.Building his own vision of the best possible machine for 19 of those. Modding.. well, he's only been working on that pursuit for about 13 years. Visualizing alternative designs from pre-existing cases has been Tech's speciality and focus during this time.


Working with the incredible staff at, the team have had the honor of being able to move modding, modding competitions, and the enthusiast community as a whole, with their custom computer creations. Having been responsible for the modding competition at Quakecon for the last few years, they have nurtured, swaddled and pampered this contest into something that continues to grow in participation year after year. Working closely with id/Bethesda every time that they have been involved with Quakecon, Modders-Inc continues to plow ahead and help build a bigger, better, stronger community with each and every decision and gathering they attend. 

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